What to get for your 1000 Facebook Friends who have everything?

Posted on March 31, 2011 | By TheEnabler | Comments Off on What to get for your 1000 Facebook Friends who have everything?

As the title says, what to get for your 1000 friends who have everything?

Or, say you are having an extremely large St. Patrick’s Day party and you need to pour literally hundreds of ‘arf and ‘arf’s at the same time?  (Don’t laugh, it could happen if I win the Megamillions)

Why, what you need is your own custom pouring spoons!  I reviewed these pouring spoons before.  But now, through the miracle of people who actually make things themselves, you can get a custom made spoon.  And, if you order 100,000 of them, the price goes down to practically nothing (well, not exactly nothing, but $5.63 each!)  I put my first order in, and as soon as my credit app gets approved, they are going on sale on this website!  Although there seems to be some holdup in getting credit card approval for $563,000.00 for beer spoons.  (Damnit!  I am good for it!  Did I just not bail you out, Mr. Giant Bank causing the next Great Depression?  I am sure that President Obama said on National TV that our tax dollars bailing out these banks was going to open up credit and put Americans back to work!  And that is what I am trying to do here!  Triple shifts at the JMB Brewcraft factory.  If you are not going to help put Americans back to work, I am not sure why I bailed you out, Mr. Giant Bank!  Certainly not for all the damn checking account fees and overdraft fees and late payment fees and “I need to give all our investment bankers million dollar bonus fees”.  You sir, are hold back this country and I for one…..Dang, ranting makes me thirsty.  Wish I had a beer layering spoon handy.  CURSE YOU WALL STREET SCUM!)

Oh, sorry, not sure what got into me.  Not beer, that is for sure.

Anyway, on the off chance that you are some kind of beer company exec or run a online gift catalogue or something, our friend James, who is trying hard with this great product would appreciate your order.  Go to his site and check it out.  JMB Brewcraft.  You can order 1000 custom items, or you can order one or two standard ones.  Well worth the price and you will impress your friends and make your tummy your friend.  JoeBob says check it out.


The best product yet for ‘arf and ‘arf’s. (I love saying it like that).


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