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Yes, I know that has nothing to do with either Mexico or Tequila, but I like the song currently and it is all Spanishy, plus if you drink much Tequila you too will be Loca People (Johnny, la gente esta muy loca,wtf?).

Be that as it may, as my intermittent duty to enable, I like to post contests. This one hyar is for Don Julio Tequila. The wonderful folks at Don Julio have put together a contest that will allow 10 winners and their guests to get flown, first class the La Primavera Distillery in the “Los Altos” highlands region of Jalisco, Mexico. They also receive accommodations, a once-in-a-lifetime immersion in the art of tequila making, followed by two luxurious nights in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Tequila, Oy vey!

The lucky winners will be granted the rare opportunity to learn the intricacies of crafting Mexico’s number one ultra-premium luxury tequila upon visiting the La Primavera Distillery. Their tour will begin in the beautiful agave fields where our agave is grown by a careful artisanal method. They will watch an expert team of jimadors hand-select and expertly cut individual, fully mature agave, ripened for six to 10 years from the rich terracotta soil, for which the Highland region is renowned.

Following the tour of the agave fields, Tequila Don Julio Master Distiller Enrique de Colsa will guide the winners through the La Primavera Distillery where he oversees the small batch double-distillation process. De Colsa will provide insight on the rich brand legacy as well as provide an in-depth explanation of the details behind his six extraordinary ultra-premium tequilas. These are only a few of the amazing highlights from the tour, which will culminate in an authentic meal accompanied by traditional entertainment in Guadalajara.

To enter the contest you can “Like” them on Facebook (gawd I hate Facebook at times) or do some scan code thingamajigger at various retail displays. You can only enter once.

Anyway, the reason I post this is that I have a certain fondness for Don Julio,even though I do not really drink Tequila (more on that in another post). However, my favorite UPS Driver, Ooty, who would stop by with packages and sage advice was a strong proponent of Don Julio many years ago when he would lug it back from Mexico from visiting relatives down there. Now it is all over the place, but he was a strong proponent when very few of us Norte Round Eyes had ever heard of it.

So, enter the contest and hopefully win. You can also go here to Don Julio‘s site to learn more about Don Julio, the man, the myth, the headache generator.

Also, listen to the song:

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