The Twister (Cocktail and Tornado)

Posted on May 22, 2011 | By TheEnabler | Comments Off on The Twister (Cocktail and Tornado)

Well, here in Liquor Locust Land, we had a couple of actual tornadoes in the last couple of days. Very unusual in this part of California. We even had the local Walmart make all their customers shelter in place during the alert. Quite a few almond trees were torn apart, companies closed down, and my kids started piling blankets in the bathtub and telling us what to do if a “torpedo” came around us. For our part, the adults decided to have theme cocktails to calm jittery nerves. We decided on the Twister (A Tornado Cocktail is only for moronic college students who wish to die of alcohol poisoning before the actual tornado can get to them).

Give it a whirl. (wahahahaha)

So, this was the theme cocktail:

2 oz. Vodka
2 oz. Lime Juice

Pour ingredients over the ice in a Collins Glass, stir, and enjoy while you are snug in the root cellar waiting out the Twister with your Twister.

Go ahead, the cow is giving it a whirl.


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