Ron Abuelo Rum for Valentine’s Day

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Rum for Valentine’s Day?  Wuck, you say?  No, it would work out for the best.  Let me tell you a tale:


Often Valentine’s Day creeps up on us without us even realizing it.  We find ourselves needing to get a gift for a person, a romantic, wonderful gift.  And oftentimes this leads us to search through our heads frantically for a gift.  That in turn lets us easily buy a gift that we ourselves would treasure, perhaps more so than your paramour.

Holding out a box with my best wrapping job (red paper with pink hearts and a large red bow) I tell her that I love her more than life itself.  She kisses me and takes the box.  In turn, she hands me an even larger box.  I am chagrined to see that her wrapping job makes me look like mine is a stroke victim rehabilitation project.  I kiss her in turn.

Unwrapping the box, I find a beautiful set of red satin sheets.  “I love them,” I exclaim.  In my head, I think to myself that satin sheets look great but in fact they are cold when you get in to them plus they are incredibly slippery.  Blankets, cats, and people shoot off the bed like greased pigs on Farm Day.

She unwraps the box in turn and gives me a slightly halting “Oh dearest, this is great” as she holds up the bottle of Ron Abuelo, 12 Años  rum that I gave her. Not just any rum, this, but aged and matured rum that would make a pirate stop and admire the day and think deep thoughts, before  falling into a pleasant reverie.

Well, I guess that each of us tended to think a little bit at least of what WE would like.  But, the spirit of the day carried us through.  We put the sheets on the bed, had some lovely aged rum, a little bit more rum, and things carried on and we decided to see how we liked the sheets.  Bringing the bottle into the room, we got comfortable.  As things tend to go, one thing led to another.  Valentine’s Day was working it’s magic and things were ramping up when-just at the moment-my leg slipped on the damn satin sheets, the rest of me followed and I wrenched my knee, sprained my ankle and lay on the floor moaning in pain.  The fates were kind though – I landed next to the bottle.  I don’t remember much else although I am told that satin sheets drenched in Ron Abuelo, 12 Años rum burn surprisingly well.

So, for this Valentine’s Day, I urge you, ladies, to think of your man and his joints.  Don’t purchase him a set of satin sheets (unless you are secretly after his life insurance) but instead buy him a bottle of Ron Abuelo Rum.

Consider this handy chart:

She might be a keeper.

Ø  Ron Abuelo 7 Años – a rich blend of rums, aged for seven years in small oak barrels.  Brilliant amber, medium-bodied with hints of fruity caramel, tea leaf and notes of toasted coconut and spice. SRP: $22.99 / 750ml – Appropriate for a Valentine’s Day Gift if it is early in the relationship, your significant other is generally cheap, or has not developed his rum palate yet.


Ø  Ron Abuelo, 12 Años – richer, darker and more full-bodied.  Its character, softness and complexity will delight the most sophisticated and challenging palate.  SRP: $32.99 / 750ml – Appropriate for a long term relationship, if you have been slighting him lately, and he is decent to you.


I LOVE this woman.

Ø  Ron Abuelo Centuria – a limited edition bottling created to celebrate the 100-Year anniversary of Varela Hermanos and their long tradition of producing the finest aged rums in Panama.  To produce this rare spirit, the Varela family opened up private stocks from their highly-guarded “Reserva de la Familia” and utilized a selection of rums aged up to 30 years.  SRP: $130 / 750ml – Appropriate for THE love of your life, if you are buttering him up for some good jewelry, you have been together years and years, or if you have recently been cheating on him.

Damn this is good rum....Hey, has she been cheating on me?


Ron Abuelo is produced entirely from estate-grown sugar cane in Panama by the family-owned Varela Hermanos.  The company dates back to 1908 when Don José Varela established the first sugar mill in the recently-formed Republic of Panama, the San Isidro Sugar Mill.  Almost 30 years later, Varela began the distillation of alcohol from their sugar cane crop in 1936.  Currently run by the third generation, Varela Hermanos has approximately 1000 hectares of land devoted exclusively to the cultivation of sugar cane.


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