Red Breast 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey – The Review

Posted on December 30, 2011 | By TheEnabler | 1 Comment

Today a good and true friend brought over a glass, almost the last he had, of Red Breast 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey. He knew that I was a fan of the Irish Whiskeys and it being the holiday season, giving and all that (well, he in turn took a glass of one of our good bourbons-quid pro quo, sine non igpay atinlay.) This is a pure pot still Irish whiskey, perhaps the only one being produced except for Irish Distiller’s Green Spot. 80 Proof and excellent to look at. It is made at the New Middleton Distillery by Irish Distillers (who in turn are owned by Pernod Ricard.)

Oh yeah!!!

Taking a sip and a sniff it came to me – not overwhelming, mild, it is not overly alcoholic tasting. I think that like most Irish whiskeys it is fairly sweet. The most definite flavor profile was that it was like a very good chocolate to me – there was the mouthfeel on the back of the tongue and a lingering taste of a fine chocolate. It is definitely a dessert or appetizer whiskey. Very mild, it would go tremendously for dessert with a cheese plate. Probably the most genuine chocolate flavor I have ever gotten from a liquor. Not the fake chocolate taste, but instead a true taste like a really good piece of chocolate – the same finish. Not the crappy aimed at kids chocolate, but the really good stuff. Try this, buy this. Perhaps my favorite Irish Whiskey so far.

-The Palate-


One Response to “Red Breast 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey – The Review”

  1. SquirrelFarts McAwesome
    January 4th, 2012 @ 6:21 am

    I agree. I was presented with a bottle of the Redbreast last year, wanting to see if the true pot-distilled technique made a noticeable difference. While I can’t really speak to any taste variation from a “normal” distillation process, I like the idea of the traditional pot-distilling method being used.

    On the taste side I certainly find it to be sweet and mellow. Not much of a burn, but enough of a kick to let you know it’s still whiskey. I get more of a burnt-toffee sweetness to the back, but will taste again and see if I can pick up some chocolate as well. Yum.

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