Happy Guy Fawkes Day! The Occupy Wall Street Cocktail to celebrate!

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As noted in last year’s post, I love Guy Fawkes Day. Celebrating the day a man tried to blow up his government. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, I say.

Which brings us to the Occupy Wall Street protests. Something everyone can get behind (or at least 99% of everyone, lol). Who among us does not feel that the government and big business and many institutions are merely they to serve the political elite as well as their minions the bureaucrats? Of course we all do. Now, when it gets down to specifics, that is when the whole thing falls apart.

However, on this happy day, let us put aside the details. After all, that is where the Devil resides. So, to celebrate Guy Fawkes, let us quaff the Occupy Wall Street Cocktail.



12 oz. of Budweiser in an extra large glass. (What better beer to represent the 99%. Pabst would also be perfectly acceptable)

1 shot of Goldschlager. (The perfect example of the hedonistic excesses of the 1%. Shameful flaunting of excessive consumption)

Take the shot glass of Goldschlager and drop it into the glass of beer. Yell “Power to the People”, pump your fist into the air twice and drink it down. Bonus points if you have a hand lettered sign or cocktail napkin with some bizarre or obscure political demand. Additional bonus points if it mentions the Illuminati (is this post still here?) or the Bilderberg Group.

Vote Guy Fawkes — The Only Man Ever To Enter Parliament With Honest Intentions .

For a little historical context: (From the British Concise Encyclopedia)

born 1570, York, Eng. — died Jan. 31, 1606, London) British conspirator. A convert to Roman Catholicism and a religious zealot, Fawkes joined the Spanish army in the Netherlands in 1593 and became noted for his military skill. In 1604 he returned to England and joined a group of Catholic zealots intent on blowing up the Parliament building. When details of this Gunpowder Plot were discovered — Fawkes had planted and camouflaged at least 20 barrels of gunpowder in a cellar under the Parliament building — Fawkes was arrested on Nov. 4, 1605. After being tortured to reveal the names of his accomplices, he was tried and executed opposite the Parliament building. England celebrates Guy Fawkes Day on November 5 with fireworks, masked children begging “a penny for the guy,” and the burning of Fawkes in effigy.


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