Drinko de Mayo – The French Margarita Recipe

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Well, Drinko de Mayo is coming up, an American drinking celebration commemorating a relatively minor battle in Mexican History where the Mexican Army in the Battle of Puebla in 1862 scored a surprising victory over French Forces.  Widely celebrated in the United States, it is of minor note in Mexico.  It is akin to St. Patrick’s Day, where those of Mexican Heritage in the United States can celebrate their roots.  However, it is also a good reason to hoist a glass and for the rest of us to pretend we are Mexican, or at least un poco Mexican.

And to help commemorate that unlikely victory, Grand Marnier (if I knew the alt code for copyright it would go here) presents an ironic French Margarita.  I think the point being that Tequila kicks the ass of the Grand Marnier in a stunning fashion.  And yet, the Frenchies add a certain je ne sais quoi to the drink that makes it that much better.  I would, in fact, recommend this drink for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.  (My personal cinco de Mayo is going to be seis de Mayo and maybe on into Siete de Mayo since Cinco is placed on a problematic Thursday de Mayo which leads to problems at work de Mayo the next day.  I think that the Congress should officially make Cinco de Mayo instead First Friday de Mayo.  But, that is another quest.

So, here is the drink to try out on your friends for your party.  I believe you will be quite happy.

The French Margarita™ Recipe:

Grand Marnier

1.5 oz Grand Marnier

0.75 oz premium tequila (We recommend CORZO Silver)

1.5 oz lime juice, fresh squeezed

1.5 oz simple syrup

2 lime squeezes (optional)

2 orange squeezes (optional)


1) Shake all ingredients with ice

2) Strain into margarita glass over ice

3) Garnish with orange slice

(Note: 3 oz sweet & sour can be substituted for lime juice and simple syrup)


Salud y amor y tiempo para disfrutarlo!


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