Coronavirus Tragedy = aka skunked beer

Posted on May 4, 2020 | By TheEnabler | Comments Off on Coronavirus Tragedy = aka skunked beer

If the destruction of the economy and the rise of tiny dictators, like King Newsom, are not bad enough, we are now faced with an even worse tragedy.

We are talking, of course, of millions of gallons of beer giving their lives in vain. Never causing bladders to be distended, relationships to be started or ended – badly. A life lived in vain.

The covid has if nothing else showed us how temperamental our supply-chain is. Now we have millions of kegs of beer going bad. The bat virus hit us at our weakest time. March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day. Bars and stadiums had been stocking up and now they are all closed. Those kegs of beer are not only not drinking themselves, they are going bad.

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Oh, the humanity!

This presents a problem. They cannot be just emptied into the sewer as there are environmental problems. By virtue of the lockdown, valiant drunks can’t come out and drink them. The beer companies need to get the kegs back to refill them so we can drink (are we not now?) after the quarantine is over. What is to be done? What?

It is an interesting quandary. Here are a couple of article links. The Wall Street Journal Link is very good but behind a paywall (support newspapers!) and there is another that is decent. Fascinating and tragic, though.

Wall Street Journal – A Problem Is Brewing….

Food and Wine – Not a bad, but not in depth article – A Whole Bunch of Draft Beer…


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