And Happier St. Patrick’s Day!

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May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessings of St. Patrick behold you.

And in the gentle spirit of the Irish people, we would like to recommend to you a great way to get your Irish up on such a day as today:

A recent cocktail (the cocktail was developed in the early 90′s in Norwich, Ct at Wilson’s Saloon by Charles Oat.)it is tasty and fun. Large, it must be consumed quickly since it will curdle.

A simple drink, easy to make:

3/4 pint Guinness stout
1/2 shot Bailey’s Irish cream
1/2 shot Irish whiskey (I like Power’s Gold Label)

Add the Bailey’s and Irish Whiskey to a shot glass, layering the Bailey’s on the bottom. Pour the Guinness into a pint glass or beer mug 3/4 of the way full and let settle. Drop the shot glass into the Guinness and chug. Drink it fast because it curdles and gets less tasty all the time. Reverse beer goggles.

The full story of the Irish Car Bomb is found in Wikipedia. Here is the bit I love:

Originally the shot was called a “Grandfather”- 3/4 oz. of Baileys and 1/4 oz.of Kahlua. 2 brothers were drinking at the saloon on St Patrick’s Day 1977 with their brother Charlie,the owner. So the story is told,the name “Grandfather” lasted through the first hour of its life as toasts to grandfathers were made that St. Patrick’s Day afternoon. The story of the “Carbomb” creation starts here.

After consuming a few “Grandfathers” along with Pints of Guinness,the pub owner realized something was missing. The taste of the “Grandfather” was incredible!!! (Kahlua was key to this) but because it was weak in alcohol he added a good pour of Jameson. He made a simple comment “The IRA just showed up. This oughta work now!” he said. (As you add the Jameson to the Baileys and Kahlua, the shot boils up like an explosion, hence the IRA.)They continued privately drinking their Ira’s and paid no attention to the fact that others at the bar joined in the toasting , “Give us some of those IRA shots they’re drinking ” The name Grandfather disappeared and the IRA shot was born.(In its early days the use of Scotch and American whiskeys was used in place of Jameson throughout the area, because so very few establishments had an Irish Whiskey in stock.

Two years later, drinking IRAs and Guinness, Oat got the idea to drop the IRA shot in a half finished Guinness. “Bombs Away ” was the call. He called it the Belfast Carbomb, Irish Carbomb, and finally just “Carbomb”.

Ah the lovely aftermath of the “Irish Milk Shake” as Mr. Bon Vivant terms it. A sweet, tasty drink, but with a bit of a kick. Mostly since you have drink them quickly and – if they keep coming, they keep going. If you have never had one of these drinks you really need to. My first experience with this drink was in a bar in Hartford, Connecticut in a bar called Sully’s in the late 1990′s. (Oh, and if you follow the link to their website, don’t be fooled. Clearly CGI and teams of special effects artists have made this place look more respectable than it is. That being said, it is a great bar for a drink, cheap pizza and some good live music). It must have been one of the early places to feature this drink and is only 43.1 miles from the birthplace of the Irish Car Bomb. Let me just say that after about 5 of these, the Lesbian Hard Rock/Punk/Rasta band I was listening to was starting to sound good – and those babes were looking hotter all the time. Bet I could get ‘em to switch teams, I was thinking. The next thing I remember was waking up in my friend’s hallway.

So, go have a carbomb, I implore you. Erin Go Bragh!


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