A Vodka Surprise That Surprises No One. #Greygoose #Hipsterdrinkers #morons

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After the New Jersey liquor scandal, the New York Post did a survey as to whether the individuals could tell the difference between Grey Goose and some vodka I have never heard of with a stripper’s name – Barbie Vodka – I mean Alexis Vodka.  Star Industries, who produces the Barbie Booze immediately issued a press release.

From the press release – the results concluded that 44% of those who participated in the taste test, many of whom identified themselves as connoisseurs, could not recognize the difference between the two brands.

Perhaps this was one of the “connoisseurs” – from the Post –

“I would just order the cheap one from now on. If you can’t taste the difference, I would go for the low end,” said Emma Taylor, 22, after knocking one back. “I don’t make that much money.”

How ridiculous. First off, vodka is, and should be, pretty much tasteless. It is a base alcohol, essentially. The best are filtered to remove impurities. So, if it is pretty much tasteless, then how would you tell the difference? These people who order Grey Goose and soda or water drive me crazy. What the hell kind of drink is that? Buzzwater? Get a real drink. Secondly, “connoisseurs”? Puhlease! How many of those have you met, let alone a bunch in some random sample of hipsters in New York. And of vodka? True story- I had a friend who would order Perrier water in bars when he figured he was done with alcohol for the nonce. It was pretty expensive for water. The bars would give you club soda for free. So, once when he got up we poured out his Perrier and substituted club soda. He never noticed. When confronted that he could save a ton of money he owned up that that was not the point. The statement, and obvious waste of money that implied something, was the point. Which was why he would never let the waitress take the Perrier bottle away even if it was empty.

Will Emma, above, start knocking back the cheap stuff? Probably not, or if she does, she will claim it is Grey Goose. Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.



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