Jim Beam’s Go to Mardis Gras – Unless you live in a Stupid State (Yes, California, I am speaking to you) – News You Can Booze

Jim Beam is hosting a Devil’s Cut Unleash Your Spirit Contest that will send 5 lucky winners for 3 days and 2 nights to Mardis Gras in New Orleans in 2012.  You must enter here by December 3, 2011 to be eligible.  There are also 2nd and 3 prizes that are not so awesome and […]

TRAGEDY! (when the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on…..)

Some things are too sad and tragic for words.  For some are lost young, before their destiny can be fulfilled.  

Unlucky In Drinking, unlucky in Love?

Just put the love thing in there because I like the way it sounds. On May 21, Jesse Robinson either established or tied the unofficial world record for unluckiest underage drinker of all time when he was booked into the Hamilton County, Ohio, jail for underage consumption. According to booking records, Robinson’s date of birth […]

The Liquor Locusts

The Liquor Locusts

"The harsh, useful things of the world, from pulling teeth to digging potatoes, are best done by men who are as starkly sober as so many convicts in the death-house, but the lovely and useless things, the charming and exhilarating things, are best done by men with, as the phrase is, a few sheets in the wind." ~H.L. Mencken

The Dangers of Thirst

"Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you, a cat, a dog, and a pipe or two, enough to eat and enough to wear, and a little more than enough to drink; for thirst is a dangerous thing." ~Jerome K. Jerome

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The Jug of Empire!

The Jug of Empire!

"How solemn and beautiful is the thought that the earliest pioneer of civilization, the van-leader of civilization, is never the steamboat, never the railroad, never the newspaper, never the Sabbath-school, never the missionary -- but always whiskey!" ~Mark Twain