Woodinville Whiskey – The Pre-Social Isolation Review

Posted on March 25, 2020 | By TheEnabler | Comments Off on Woodinville Whiskey – The Pre-Social Isolation Review

Oh, those heady days of 3 weeks ago when I could wander through Trader Joe’s with nary a thought of people getting within 6 feet of me.

I was indeed wandering through Trader Joe’s when I noticed, as I hurried through the liquor section, that they now carried Woodinville Whiskey. I had been mentioning Woodinville for years (See December 5, 2011, and June 16, 2011) but we never got any of the aged product in California (at least anywhere that I was). But now we have distribution! Yay!

So, needless to say I bought a bottle and we had a couple of people over (Yes, kids, back in those days people could actually come to your house instead of just having a Zoomâ„¢ dinner). Before settling down to food we asked if they had seen any toilet paper lately? (HA! Just kidding, in those days toilet paper was plentiful and practically free) So, in reality, before settling down to food, we tasted the whiskey.

Lovely, Lovely. A fine looking bourbon, and undoubtedly the best Washington has to offer.

Look – A beautiful dark amber


Vanilla, caramel, butter. Low Ketones, light alcohol. Inviting – like a chaise lounge in summer under a full moon.


Young. A hard hit on the front of the tongue shows how young it seems.

The taste doesn’t quite match the promise of the smell. It is like we got home from the bar and I turned on the light.

If you skip the front of the tongue you get a much nicer medium finish. Light. The finish matches the nose then.

How to drink it? Well, the Palate never likes to add water, but our guest, Nails, thought a splash of water totally improved it. Like a performance clutch in your car (For Millenials A clutch is a mechanical device which engages and disengages power transmission especially from driving shaft to driven shaft. See Wikipedia here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clutchhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clutch)

Final Thoughts

We thought this would be an incredible buy at $18.99. However it was $36.99 at Trader Joe’s. It is certainly a decent whiskey, but not quite what we would hope at that price. I would urge you to try it out, different people have different tastes, and we like to encourage great distilleries like Woodinville. They have done some very cool things. In the future we hope that they have the size and scale to perhaps age a bit longer for their bourbons, which is what we think this needs.


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