SCIENCE! – Kicking it British Style

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Two drops of bitters and Voila! The perfect Manhattan. 

The British Medical Journal (Or The BMJ as we in the know like to call it) has published some astounding research that puts to rest the old myth that you can get drunk by submerging your feet in alcohol. I, too, was shocked! Apparently all those times I had my feet immersed in a nice Grey Goose Martini, it was merely a placebo effect. My brain, fooling me and at the same time making me waste hundreds of dollars of vodka.

It seems that the Danes have long believed that you could get drunk by submerging your feet in liquor. HA! Stupid Danes. Well, the Brits have put paid to you. Take that, you continental Euro’s.

The British Medical Journal, in a study that can be read here, has shown conclusively that this is false. Not only did they measure blood alcohol, but over the course of 3 hours they also measured self confidence, the sudden urge to speak, and spontaneous hugs. As you can see in this chart below, there was no correlation between any of the three and the length of time your feet were in vodka.

All my tubes and wires, and careful notes…… 

Here is some of the discussion in the paper:

As the implications of the study are many, we will mention a few. Driving or leading a vessel with boots full of vodka seems to be safe. Brewery workers cannot become intoxicated by “falling” into a brewery vat. Importantly, students experimenting with transcutaneous alcohol absorption should move on to more relevant activities.

Bold faced is my favorite part. Driving with boots full of vodka is perfectly safe. Excellent.

And people say our tax dollars are wasted on scientific research.


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