Make your own Bourbon – Woodinville’s 3rd Day of Christmas

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I know that I have posted about this before (Here), but it has to be brought back for Christmas!  If you want a great gift that is unusual but not stupid, this would be the one.  Plus it has the benefit of making people remember your gift for several months if nothing else.   So, here is the skinny.  Buy it at Costco or through Woodinville Whiskey, but it is such a great gift.  They give you the white dog (unaged whiskey) the barrel, some other doo dads, instructions (put in barrel, wait) and there you have your own bourbon making kit.  Get creative with labels on the laser printer and you have the coolest brag gift when your friends come over and want a drink.  So, buy it.  BUY IT!

You can buy this online at Woodinville Whiskey Company for $149.99 if laws allow it to be shipped to you. Costco, though, $99.99. It comes with two bottles of White Dog and the barrel for accelerated aging. Should be ready in about 3-6 months of aging. The barrel supposedly can be used 5 times and then becomes a very cool conversation piece.


Just pour in, wait...........3 months, and drink!


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