Last Minute Father’s Day Gift for the ‘Arf and ‘Arf man.

Posted on June 12, 2011 | By TheEnabler | Comments Off on Last Minute Father’s Day Gift for the ‘Arf and ‘Arf man.

Okay, you can only order this special through Monday, June 13th and have guaranteed delivery. You can still order it after that time and take your chances or tell your father that UPS screwed it up and he will be getting it next week but will love it.

Click JMB Brewcraft to order.

This is a great gift for a person that likes black and tans and also wants to show off to his friends on occasion. Most people will not make them that often, but for under $30.00 you have a useful gift that does not take up that much space, and you can occasionally use it to show off to your friends (your father’s friends). That makes it a good Father’s Day gift. I is a father and I can tell you that this is a good one. Doesn’t cost that much, stores easily, will get used on occasion. Better than 95% of all gifts that you will receive in your life just by those standards alone.

Plus this is a great little operation trying to sell a good product. Support the little guy.

Plus cool ads to boot.

Click JMB Brewcraft to order.


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