Humboldt Distillery Vodka – The Review

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Costco is one my new favorite places now that I have more than 3 kids, more than two cats, more than no dogs and wives.  But it is a chore, a gut-wrenching chore to steel myself to go in there.  On my last trip, I was pleasantly surprised.  Going by the liquor aisles, without entering (the temptation was horrible), I noticed a stand set up with some vodka I had never seen before.  A charming woman was scarfing down some energy bar or something so with impeccable timing I asked her about the vodka.  Humboldt Distillery Vodka.  Having an energy bar in her mouth she held up a finger and turned to the side.  Several chews later she tried to converse and was stymied by the bar.  Turning away again she went through some mandibular contortions and eventually cleared her mouth.

Lots of talk about crabs, but really, just good vodka.

Lots of talk about crabs, but really, just good vodka.


It turns out that she was the proprietress of the distillery and had just that morning driven over the mountains from Fortuna schlepping cases and cases of organic Vodka the she and her husband were trying to sell so that they could remain in such a lovely area as the North Coast but one very deficient in good jobs.  The drive over Highway 36 is scenic but not great.  I talked to her a while and since I greatly enjoy supporting small distilleries (and large if it comes to that) I purchased a bottle.  Only $15.99 at Costco, this seemed like a bargain.

So, I brought it home and tasted it.  First, the bottle has a bold, crab-filled label.  Crabs are important on the north coast, but I am not a crab fan.  The label talks about the fresh waters of the Pacific which throws me for a minute, since it is salt-water, or was last I checked.  My mind goes on these tiny paths.

The Color:  Clear.  Very, very clear.  Like the clear waters of the Pacific, except not, since they are not particularly clear.

The nose.  Fairly strong alcohol and a kind of “aseptic” smell.  I am kind of straining here since I drink bourbon mostly.  However, it is pleasant and fairly distinct compared to the other vodkas I have had.

The Taste:  The mouth feel is smooth, a tiny bit sharp with a medium to short finish.  There is a bit of herb or botanical flavor to it.  Like a very mild gin.  I know that the site says otherwise and that it is supposed to be a blank slate but I get a tiny bit of flavor which I like.  It is distilled four times, which could be increased if they wanted to lose this little bit of character, but I think they should embrace it.  80 Proof, a pretty standard strength for vodka.  Made with cane sugar (or sugar cane, which I guess is not necessarily the same thing) which is also interesting.  Organic for what that is worth.

I find this vodka to be distinctive and perfect for a vodka martini (don’t get me started on just saying martini, which of course involves gin).  Perfect I say.  With a bit of character it provides just the right note for a dry martini.  Certainly serviceable for other drinks as well, I think this vodka is well worth the price and a good addition to a liquor cabinet both for its value as a liquor and as a show piece because not many of your friends will have had this liquor.

For more information on the distillery, visit them at:  Humboldt Distillery  or like them on Facebook.


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