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If I have to identify myself with a specific liquor, it certainly is bourbon.

And, I have gone through an evolution of drinking over the years. When I was a young lad I drank bourbon both because I liked it (reasons for that may be told later) and because I thought it was kind of cool to drink it. At that time, bourbon and other brown liquors had not gone through the rehabilitation that they have had in recent years. It was not stylish to drink bourbon or other whiskeys. But I thought it was cool for that very reason. I was being anti-establishment, them with their vodkas and poofter drinks. I was drinking the stuff of Western Movies and John Wayne.

However, in the cool Westerns (best western of all time – The Magnificent Seven {Mr. Vivant begs to differ, The Searchers}

They drink the whiskey straight. That, alas, was not my birthright. I had to work toward it.

My drinking genesis was: Bourbon and seven-up (or ginger ale which is better if you can get it)

bourbon and soda.

Bourbon and water.

Bourbon on the rocks.

Bourbon neat. (which is where I stand now).

Soon, I suppose, I will have to ditch the glass I now use and go to a bottle. A bourbon and spit bottle as someone pointed out. But what are you gonna do?



One Response to “EVOLUTION – IT HAPPENS”

  1. Don Wilbur
    December 8th, 2012 @ 8:21 pm

    Interesting. My evolution was quite different. It went something like:

    Jack Daniels straight for several hours then sickness for many more.

    Whiskey sours at the bar.

    20 years of no whiskey (I’m still mostly a beer guy).

    Cocktails and ice after the hot summer commute home.

    Cheap bourbon on ice (Ancient Age, a lucky buy).

    Good bourbon neat. (Which is challenging my “beer first” mindset.)

    Don’t ditch the glass, it always tastes better that way.

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