Easy but not cheap

Posted on December 9, 2010 | By TheEnabler | Comments Off on Easy but not cheap

That is how a girl that I used to see in the distant past used to characterize herself.  And I bring that up (other than to dredge up pleasant -well, some of them-memories) because we have recently gotten some free stuff.  FREE STUFF!  WOOT!  If you have followed us from the beginning (and we know you haven’t so don’t lie) you would know that one of our goals was to get free stuff, especially booze.

This week we got free booze (thank you kindly) and we have also received free other stuff.  I am certainly not above selling myself for trinkets, so for free stuff you will get a mention or probably a review.

So, we first off thank The Glenrothes who sent us two bottles of fine scotch to review.  Which we will certainly do.  Glenrothes found out about us by reading our News-You-Can-Booze post about their whiskey contest.  Go take a look if you want to win a grand prize.

Also, we got some free anti-hangover patches from Zaca.  Generally I am pretty skeptical about herbally patchy health things.  Things that the FDA does not cover.  But hey, it is free.  And it has extract of prickly pear.  How could that be bad.  So, here is their site. I would have reviewed them sooner, but I have not been drinking to the hangover stage.  Now, with the holidays and free scotch I will probably have to slap some on and see what I think.

So, I am posting because I am all aflutter like a little girl over free stuff.  I WANT TO ASSURE YOU THOUGH, THAT MY JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY WILL NOT BE COMPROMISED. (BWAAHAHAHHHAHAA  – I said integrity referring to myself.  Hahaha!)  What I really mean is to refer you to the title.  I am easy, but not cheap.  I would not give a good review for so little.  If people want to send me a couple of bottles of booze and pack the crate so they don’t break – with 100 dollar bills – then I will promise them a good review.  However, that is surely not likely to happen.  So, I will give you honesty until someone meets my price.

I refer you also to the great quote from the legendary Speaker of the Assembly  here in stupid California, Jesse Unruh.  He said –

“If you can’t drink their booze, take their money, sleep with their women and then vote against ‘em, you don’t belong in politics.”

Now, I believe that he actually used an eff word instead of sleep.  But the point is well taken.  If people want to send me women, money and booze I will still vote against them.  However, I will review them well.  So send the stuff and call my bluff.


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