Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon – The Review

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The font has been changed on the recent bottle from "goudy" to "old claude". Oolala!

The gifts of Thanksgiving linger on.  And by that I mean the bourbons that we bought on the way to the relative’s house.  Amazingly enough, they have not been killed as of yet.  So, today we take glass in hand and look into the darkest, or most amber, depths of one of our aquisitions – Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon.

Color – The bottle is green so it has a deep amber color when in the bottle.  A lighter amber color in the glass.

Nose– A light nose,  a generous dose of vanilla, floral notes.   If I ate a rose bush, it would make me think of this bourbon.  Or at least in my mind that is how I think rose bushes taste.

Tongue – It starts smooth on the tongue, with a bit of bite along the edges as it moves back.  A little vanilla and caramel.  Earthy and simple, with some spice.  Not a lot of complexity.

(Note from the Palate – it went well with jello)

Finish – Short but pleasant.  More sweetness on the finish than on the tongue.

Would I buy it again?  Under $15.00, certainly, $15-20, maybe, above $20.00 not so much.  Not that it is bad, just that there are others in that price range I probably prefer.

In other reviews that  I browsed, one person mentioned that it is a bourbon that would go well with a steak.  They might be right.  Short, not complex, a bit astringent, it might go well with a good slab o’ beef.  I might have to try that.  (The Palate – might go well with stuffed portebello mushrooms – a little bread and cheese stuffing)


88 Proof.  Distilled in Bardstown, Kentucky.  Who makes it?  I do not know.  From what I can find (in 23 seconds of research, or at best maybe an hour or two, Heaven Hill seems the best bet).  Aged 8 years.  The mashbill?  Who knows.


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